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Priced per mask.  Sold in packs of 5 masks.  KN95.

Lower prices for larger orders. (See specification tab)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the protection from others and to others is of paramount importance. 

Masks help reduce harmful substances from entering the respiratory system through the nose and mouth, which is of benefit not only in healthcare environments as a protection against virus and bacerial infections, but also in construction, agriculture and as a more rigorous protection in social circles  eg commutting and shopping. 

The mask’s 3D shape helps ensure a secure fit against the facial contours whilst also and increase  air permeability and make it more comfortable to wear and breathe.

The masks have a lifespan of around 8 hours of constant use. They must be perfectly positioned around the nose and cover the chin so that all incoming air is filtered.  Beards and moustaches are known to restrict the effectiveness of face masks as they prevent an adequate seal to the face.

You should ideally not re-use masks that have already been worn. Though if gloves are worn in conjunction with putting on and removing, then they could be potentially re-used with the same person relatively safely. In this way, many people, wearing a mask socially for commuting and non-healthcare work, are wearing the same mask for 3 or 4 days before discarding it

Shipping will be done on Mondays & Thursdays of each week to maintain social distancing for our staff.

Mask will be shipped by Royal Mail Signed for 1st class Recorded Delivery

Prices are inclusive of postage.  See price options on Product Specification tab

Each pack contains 5 masks, and has a 24 month shelf life (Packed April 2020)


Each pack contains 5 masks and is sterile packed

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10 packs (50) £2.50 £8.00 £133.00