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Replacement PEG unit including connecting screw-thread ring, which connects to the flexible-arm section of the OPERA Stand.

The peg unit allows the OPERA LED mask to be held through the orbit holes, permitting it to be used for LED treatment without being in contact with the clients face.

This is particularly helpful for those who find the OPERA face-mask in anyway claustraphobic.

NOTE.  Only suitable for LED treatment, not in Galvanic Current mode. For Galvanic Current Therapy, the contact studs on the inside of the mask MUST be in contact with the skin for proper function. With out skin contact, no micro-curent is able to flow.

Plastic peg unit with tightening ring.

This product does NOT include the OPERA stand or the flexible cross-arm. If both of these are required, the entire ensemble can be purchased as a single item instead, or the flexible arm can be purchased as a seperate part

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