Applying a sheet mask is a truly straight-forward task -

No mess. No fuss. No hassle.


TIP:  Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the face before starting a treatment.

You are going to open your pores and puch nutirents into the skin. You don't want to push in old make up, grease, dirt and grime as well!


Once you've removed your mask from the air-tight packaging, unfold it and ensure the inner aspect goes towards the face.

Now simply select the upper portion and place gently on to the face, using the eye holes as a positioning guide.

Smooth to the contours of your face. You'll find it holds firmly in place.

Next unfold the lower portion and apply this to lie just below the nose with the mouth hole positioned centrally.

Again, smooth o the face, and then a final smooth out of the hole set up

TIP:    Don't waste the left over fluid in the bag.  This is rich in the active ingredients.

Smooth in to your hands, neck or feet.


Be sure to keep the mask on for the recommended time - usually around about 20 minutes but some masks might be longer.

Then remove the mask and tap the left over product into the face.


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