About Us

Dedicated to the sale of aesthetic and beauty masks and associated technology; AestheticMasks.co.uk is a marketing channel for Aesthetic Tech Ltd.


Aesthetic Tech is a family-run company,  UK Registration Number 11425359.

Unlike many start-up companies, we have several advantages to allow us to offer the best possible service to our customers:

Kevin Rendell Managing Director Aesthetic Tech Ltd

Our MD - Kevin Rendell - at the time of the company creation, had spent his entire professional career, over 30 years total, in Healthcare and Aesthetic orientated businesses - including 15 years running Beehive Solutions Ltd - a niche healthcare/aesthetic supplies company providing lasers, aesthetic devices and clinic consumables and 2 years as Director of LED Aesthetics Ltd, providing LED and soft-style facemasks.


Headshot of Amy Rendell


Meanwhile his daughter and fellow Director - Amy Rendell - is a qualified Beauty Therapist who has worked extensively in the UK, Australia and the Far East, and is a keen proponent of low-cost beauty and aesthetic treatments.


Between them, they have the background knowledge, clinical skills and general can-do attitude to ensure client satisfaction.



We are grateful to "Team Air Express Ltd", on the doorsteps of Heathrow Airport, for providing not only our import/export function but also the Pick-and-Pack requirements to fulfil all the orders. They carefully check and process every web-order to ensure its speedy dispatch, whether by UK courier or international shipping.



Featured Products

Deep Hydration (OPERA) facial mask with Lavender

Deep Hydration 2-piece facial mask for stand-alone or LED therapy

(As supplied with the OPERA LED facemask)

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Peg unit for OPERA stand

Peg unit for the OPERA stand, allowing the OPERA LED facemask to be held close-to, but not in contact with, the face during LED therapy.

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iCool Chiller

Delivering chilled-air below -30°C; the iCool is designed to provide epidermal relief by cooling the skin before, during and after laser and IPL treatments.

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Respiratory Facemask - 5 per pack

Packs of 5 x  respiratory masks

for public use, where improved protection is desired (in comparisom with cloth masks).

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