The Benefits of Lavender

You will probably be well aware of the massive range of beauty products containing lavender as an active ingredient.

Pure coincidnece?

Not at all. Lavender is one of those miracle substances with multiple beneftis to your skin and well-being, which is why you'll find it in our hydration masks!

Lavender - The miracle plant for beauty regimes

Lavender (Lavandula.) is a shrub belonging to the mint family, originating in the North African & Mediterranean region, but now common to UK gardens and even naturalising in some parts of the country. It is known for its distinct purple coloured flowers and soothing scent; It's essential constituent, the lavender oil extracted from the flower buds, can be found in a wide range of aesthetic / beauty preparations as well as aromotherapy products.

Its recorded use goes back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who recognised the herb for its cleansing properties.


Lavender oil extract

Lavender oil contains over 150 active ingredients, of which linalool, terpinen-4-ol, linalyl acetate and camphor have germicidal properties, while cis-ocimene, lavandulyl acetate, 1,8-cineole, limonene and geraniol are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents.

Lavender helps correct and control various problems such as acne, signs of aging, inflammation and skin-based infections; it is heavy in anti-oxidants and has powerful anti-microbial benefits. By moisturising the skin and encouraging normal functioning of the sebum glands. Its anti-bacterial properties help to control the growth of bacteria that can trigger or worsen acne breakouts whilst its anti-inflammatory properties relieves swelling and redness associated with acne outbreaks.

Lavender oil is rich in antioxidants and natural vitamins that refresh and rejuvenate skin, helping in the fight against the effects of pollution and free radicals and restoring natural glow, meanwhile it can help heals wounds and infections by soothing and repairing damaged and infected skin. Through these combines effects lavender oil helps to control the extent of damage and to promote skin repair.

Since Lavender oil is neither too oily nor too dry, it has good moisturising properties to help alleviate dry skin conditions. The oil effectively restores moisture balance of the skin, thus keeping it problem-free and glowing.

As a powerful source of antioxidants, lavender oil fights free radicals in the skin and delays the onset of signs of aging. At the same time, its moisturizing properties help to retain the skin’s natural oil balance and improve its appearance. It also acts against age spots and sun-damage to create a clear and smooth complexion.

As if that was not enough, lavender is proven to improve overall blood circulation when massaged into the skin and keeps it healthy. (That is why we recommend rubbing in any excess fluid left in the mask packet, particularly over the front of your neck and not forget your hands!)

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