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Rich-hydration sheet masks

See the hugely-popular Deep-Hydration masks.

These masks contain both Lavender Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, and offer rich hydration, whether used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with LED face-masks or other facial aesthetic devices

Outstanding discounts for bulk purchases.

SEE HERE, for more information on the benefits of using hydration masks as part of your daily routine, and HERE to appreciate the benefits of masks that include lavender as an active ingredient.


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Spare Parts for the OPERA LED Mask

New OPERA LED facemasks are not available in the UK at present; however, we do have access to essential spares if needed.

From the entire OPERA Display Stand, to individual parts such as the flexible arm PEG assembly, we have original parts replacement savailable.

If you don't see what you need listed, Give us a call  !!



Additional Aesthetic Products: 

iCool laser/IPL skin chiller

Most clinics know the importance of skin cooling during light-based threatments - but such devices can cost a fortune and lack service agents in the UK.

The UK-manufactured iCool is different on both counts. 

An introduction through us will secure you a 3yr on-site warranty !



Featured Products

Deep Hydration (OPERA) facial mask with Lavender

Deep Hydration 2-piece facial mask for stand-alone or LED therapy

(As supplied with the OPERA LED facemask)

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Peg unit for OPERA stand

Peg unit for the OPERA stand, allowing the OPERA LED facemask to be held close-to, but not in contact with, the face during LED therapy.

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iCool Chiller

Delivering chilled-air below -30°C; the iCool is designed to provide epidermal relief by cooling the skin before, during and after laser and IPL treatments.

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Respiratory Facemask - 5 per pack

Packs of 5 x  respiratory masks

for public use, where improved protection is desired (in comparisom with cloth masks).

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